New post- Hip Flexor Stretch

If you see this picture, you may ask, what are they doing for bending the knees? Stretching or doing an examination?

Most people often have shorter leg than the other due to imbalance of body posture. They are walking in a specific pattern to where they feel more comfortable. For 8 years of my chiropractic care experience, people are getting used to their awkward posture and makes compensation to their body. This will lead to faster degeneration and deterioration of our musculoskeletal system.

Today, I will tell you how to do hip stretching exercise for improving your balance and posture.

These are the steps as you should follow as below;

  1. lying down on the floor and bend both knees together

  2. Find the lighter knee

  3. bend the knee 10 times for 1 set

  4. Use both hands to touch over the shoulder to the top

  5. Check if you feel balanced.

If you follow this stretching, you may feel more comfortable in your daily activities including work, sports activities etc.

Thank you for your reading this post and I will get back to you for the next post soon.

Dr. Jun Seob Kim

Director of Otahuhu Chiropractic Acupuncture


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