Want to increase your body defence, how?

Dear our clients,

Hope you are getting well in lockdown period for a month.

Today, I will introduce 4 vital supplements you should take to increase body defence and make a strong immunity environment within your body.

Vitamin C - is well-known supplement since your childhood. You can get this from many fruits such as apple, orange, lemon and veges, too. This supplement is not produced in our bodies. So you are really in need for nurturing your body to boost up your immunity.

Vitamin D3 - a powerful supplement for boosting up immunity and helping you maintain bone health, especially in winter. You can be absorbed from sun but in reality, many people and elderly work in indoors and you should get this with supplement for your health benefit.

Zinc - vital supplement for increasing your immunity. It is usually found in shellfish, red meat, oysters, nuts and so on. The main role of zinc supplement can fight against cold and chills and helps to recover wounds and enhances proliferation of natural killer cells to protect us from antigens.

Vitamin E - is an another great vitamin supplement having an anti-oxidant and anti-ageing effect. You can get it from fruit, nuts, and grains and get your hair, nails, skins feel more replenished and it restores your hormone levels, too.

These supplements will be your friends for helping your body health. You can get it from grocery store or local pharmacy on online and start a journey of maintaining a strong immune system. I will put up some links you can go and check out your best supplements to get found;

Healthpost -

Chemist Warehouse-

Pharmacy Direct-

Hopefully, you will get some benefits from this post, please feel free to comment on and make an enquiry about your thoughts to supplements intake.

Thank you for reading my post and I would like to give my opinion about health information to you for restoring your mindful energy up to full potential.

Dr. Jun Seob Kim


Director of Otahuhu Chiropractic Acupuncture




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